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George Gamez, J.D. Ph.D. is a licensed California attorney and licensed psychologist. He graduated cum laude from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law and is a member of the American Bar Association, the California Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. More on George’s legal services. . .

George has practiced as a clinical psychologist in California for over 20 years and is both knowledgeable and experienced in the ethical and legal standards for California psychologists. As an expert witness in personal injury, workers’ compensation and child custody cases, he has been involved with the direct aspects of testifying, with the issues surrounding subpoenas, confidentiality, scope of practice and testimony, and with doctor/patient privilege As a private practitioner, he managed the business aspects of the psychologist’s practice including contracts with other professionals, leases, managed care contracts, hospital privileges, supervision and Human Resources. George Gamez, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist/certified hypnotherapist with over twenty years researching and teaching hypnosis. More on George’s psychological services. . .

George also has extensive teaching, researching and writing experience. He has been on the faculty of numerous colleges and universities including the University of California Santa Cruz and California State University, Los Angeles. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the California Society of Medicine and Surgery and is a Qualified Medical Examiner with the California Division of Industrial Relations. He was the director of the Los Angeles County Mental Health clinic in La Puente. He is presently Executive Director the Psychological Center for Treatment and Evaluation.
George Gamez is also a professional guitarist/singer/songwriter. He has released four CDs of his own original music. His first CD, Lightning Strikes Again was groundbreaking and helped open new possibilities for a fusion of Flamenco styles with Pop and Latin motifs. His second CD, Between 2 Worlds, is a brilliant and smooth fusion of Flamenco, Contemporary Pop, Latin and New Age sounds. This was followed by two stunning projects, In the Realm of Flamenco and Rhythms of the Heart. For more on George’s music go to Apex Records.

He is in private practice in Los Angeles where he treats adults with a variety of psychological issues including blocked creativity, phobias, anxiety and career change. These symptoms may result from numerous situations such as job stress, marital conflict, childhood trauma and/or negative programming. To learn more about Dr. Gamez’ clinical work see Psychological Center.

George Gamez is the author of two books: Creativity: How to Catch Lightning in a Bottle and Self Hypnosis for Health and Personal Growth. These books have been distributed internationally and adopted as textbooks at several universities. For more about these books and a catalog of self-improvement cassette tapes as well as a list of articles by George Gamez, see Peak Publications.

George Gamez is available to advise and/or represent you in matters relating to your practice, in managing your risks with patients and in any personal or business transaction involving legal issues and requirements