Hot News in Latin Entertainment

Want to know what’s hot in Latin Entertainment? Join us for lunch on September 17, 2014 at Lawry’s Restaurant in Los Angeles and hear top industry leaders talk about what’s current in the Latino Music, Film and TV industries. Topics will include:
· Changing culture and Hispanic role models for American audiences
· Mexican-American and Latin-American writers
· Co-production and distribution agreements
· Mergers and acquisitions of entertainment companies
· Tax incentives for film production
· Bilingual programming and adaptations from English to Spanish
· Bilingual programming and subtitles
· Copyright and trademark protection
· Royalty collection, reporting and payment

Speakers will include:

Monica Fischer, Esq., SVP, Head of Business and Legal Affairs, El Rey Network
Dorothy Richardson, Esq., Former head of Business Affairs, Univision Music Group
Yvonne Drazan, A & R Director, Peer Music Publishing
Diana Mejia-Jones, VP of Integrated Marketing, Campanario Entertainment
Moderator will be George Gamez, Esq.
For more information call The Beverly Hills Bar Association at: 310-601-2422 310-601-2422 or visit

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